Global Specialties RC-10 Resistance/Capacitance Decade Box

Global Specialties RC-10 Resistance/Capacitance Decade Box image
$ 180.00

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  • Convenient selection of standard resistors and capacitor values separately or in series and parallel RC combinations
  • 36 resistor ranges in values from 15 ohms to 10 mega ohms, 1 watt 10 percent; 18 capacitor ranges in values from 100 picofarads to 0.22 microfarads, 600 volts 10 percent
  • Perfect for all types of educational experiments and circuit designs when using Global Specialties
  • Protoboards and breadboard design trainers; compact design
  • Black and red test leads with convenient alligator clip connectors

The Global Specialties Model RC-10 is a high quality Resistor and Capacitor Substitution Box. The RC-10 provides a convenient selection of standard resistor and capacitor values available either separately or in series or parallel RC combinations. The unit includes 36 resistors ranging in value from 15 Ohms to mega ohms, and 18 capacitors from 100 Pico farads to 0.22 micro farads. Both resistors and capacitors have a 10 percent tolerance and resistors have a power rating of one watt. The capacit

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