Small Fiber Optic Sensory & Therapy Lighting Kit (2m)

Small Fiber Optic Sensory & Therapy Lighting Kit (2m) image
$ 475.78

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  • Powered by a 75 Watt illuminator
  • 100-tail harness is included
  • Built in color-change; cycles through 6 different colors
  • Fiber optic harness with tails measuring 6.56 feet
  • No electricity runs through the tails, so they are completely safe to touch

This color-changing kit consists of polymer fibers in a clear sleeve, cracked to leak light out of the sides. It is primarily used in sensory or treatment rooms in hospitals and schools, where the color-change property stimulates the minds of the users. It also helps in learning to identify colors, and is beneficial to children of any age with learning difficulties. The SE1002 kit is supplied with a 75W illuminator which has a built-in 6 color colorwheel. This gently rotates, coloring the harnes

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