Global Specialties RDB-10 Resistance Decade Box, 0.3 ohm

Global Specialties RDB-10 Resistance Decade Box, 0.3 ohm image
$ 99.00

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  • Calibrate test equipment with its high accuracy of 1 percent
  • 28 switches organized in a clean 4 x 7 grid for easy use
  • All switches clearly display a visible white dot when in the on position
  • Includes a protective rubber holster with tilt-stand for ease of use and viewing
  • 1 year warranty

Model RDB-10 is a hand held Resistance decade box that creates a specific resistance value using a combination of switches. Designed with accuracy to meet the needs of industry and education alike. The RDB-10 is a compact, convenient tool for aiding in engineering design and testing as well as calibration of test equipment. It offers 7 decades of resistance ranges, from 1 ohm to over 11 megaohm in 1 ohm steps. Easy-to-use slide switches allow for straightforward addition and subtraction of resis

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